Silence Revealed - 11/9/17

Over the last couple of months, we have been working on a demo for an interactive investigation board. Our aim was to present it to nonprofits dedicated to exposing criminal organizations. We believe that interactive modules are essential for allowing users to explore the facts of rather large and complex stories. Funny thing though, about a week before we were going to release an early version (i.e. one with limited content), those very organizations released several intractable modules to go along with their Paradise Papers releases. While most were different than what we were working on, the Washington Post’s was not only spot on, it is by far better.

It makes little sense to continue forward, given the demo was to show potential to groups that are clearly on it. So we are walking away from that effort.

But fret not, for we have also been working on other things dedicated to getting our society back on solid footing. These efforts will continue and we will be exploring fun and interactive ways to share these things with you. Additionally, we are going to resume product development, of course splitting our time with our other efforts.

In the gif below you can see two images. The first contains junk data and we used that to program and test the features. The second was the first of what was to be many tabs, where each tab would have a different web of connections (this was our solution to dealing with the overall complexity and why teh Washington Post’s is way better).

To the future we go!

Your Boy B