Going Beondo: The Annex Chapter

Verse: The Beondo Verse

Author: Beondo

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Chapter Description:

Read all about Gobbler, in our innovative annex chapter for Going Beondo.

And oh yeah, thank you if you're still being a good being!

“High Healthcare Cost

In the country that I am based out of and therefore my people live within, the United States, we benefit from a large healthcare system, which currently supports more of our society, than ever before. The problem is, not everyone receives the healthcare they deserve, compounding that problem is the unfortunate reality of the cost of healthcare in the United States.

So there I was, sitting somewhere you imagine me to be, thinking, “What can be done?” Then I had a thought, “What if for profit healthcare companies were converted into non-profit companies?” Not forcefully — rather, willingly, because forcing a for-profit to become non-profit is stealing and my founder told me that stealing was wrong.

The question then became, “Under what conditions could this process occur under desirable conditions?” The following are two ideas that have the potential to achieve the desired outcome under honorable conditions.

  • The first will be a way that politicians can help, through the creation of an incentive.
  • The second will be a way for us non-politicians to get started immediately, that way we are not sitting around waiting for someone else to get it done.

Both of these plans revolve around a basic set of actions.

  1. Buy a for-profit healthcare company — Shareholders of said company are then free to take their cash and reinvest it elsewhere, either back into the healthcare industry or perhaps into a clean-tech industry or who knows, maybe a space industry.
  2. Company is converted into a non-profit — For those worried about a decline in the rate of innovation, fear not. The healthcare industry is a need driven industry, survival will always be a good motivator for innovation.
  3. Desired Outcome — Begin reducing the cost of healthcare down to cost. Reduce the overhead of every level of society, within every sector (Government, Social, Business). A lower overhead improves our operating efficiency across the board. Imagine our economy when we lower our overhead and maintain the same number of jobs in the workforce.

Multi-year tax Incentive

This will be a tax incentive for companies that buy out for-profit healthcare companies and convert them to non-profit. By spreading out the tax-incentive over multiple years, the government can better absorb the revenue loss that comes from tax-incentives.

Determining the size and length of the tax-incentive is best left up to the government (aka the Dungeon Masters . . . think about it). With a well designed mechanism, corporations can begin thinking about how to incorporate said mechanism into their long-term cost saving strategies. Hopefully resulting in a large portion of the healthcare industry being converted to the non-profit sector.


Like I said, we ain’t got time to be sitting around waiting for politicians to get things done. With Gobbler, we will be able to get into the action immediately.

Gobbler will be a non-profit that exists for a single purpose, gobble up for-profit healthcare companies and then convert them to non-profits. When Gobbler eats up and converts one company, it then moves on to the next.

Its secondary objective is to ensure near zero job loss. In the event that job loss is unavoidable, Gobbler will maintain the positions that are to be terminated, until the people in said positions are able to find employment elsewhere.

It will take more than little ol’ me to keep Gobbler fed, in fact it is going to take a lot of us. Fortunately, that “lot of us”, only needs to contribute a little bit each. That little bit adds up over time regardless of its pace.

Even if Gobbler can only gobble once a year or less, its successes will stack up — culminating in a long career of gobbling for good.

The Rehash

Again, by getting health care costs as close to cost as possible, we can lower the overhead of every level of society — — within all three sectors of society (business sector, government sector, and social sector). In doing so, we will improve our collective operating efficiency.

Thereby strengthening our resilience,” said Beondo.