Heart of Eturnu


Verse: The Outerageous Verse

Series: The Eturnu Saga (Book 2)

Story-Arc: Intro to Eturnu (Entry 2)

Author: Mr. E. Rytaurs

Price: $2.99 (USD)

Book Description:

We return to Eturnu, we returnu, to a realm where the laws of physics have no meaning and creativity is the greatest asset. Dormu and Mr. Bear are back in action and this time they have a new companion, Lialu. Who is she? What is she doing in Eturnu? Well, if you are up for some mindazzling, then jump on in and find out.

Series Description:

The Eturnu Saga takes place in a realm where anything goes, so long as you can imagine it so. A realm that exist between the realm of the living and the spirit realm. Fortunately for you, you can mentally visit this realm today!

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