Trials of Eturnu

Verse: The Outerageous Verse

Series: The Eturnu Saga (Book 1)

Story-Arc: Intro to Eturnu (Entry 1)

Author: Mr. E. Rytaurs

Price: $2.99 (USD)

Book Description:

Welcome to Eturnu, where the laws of reality have no meaning. Journey with Dormu as he completes the trials he has been tasked to complete, in order for him to learn who he truly is.

This mind bending tale will dazzle the minds of its readers, fueling their creativity forevermore.

Series Description:

The Eturnu Saga takes place in a realm where anything goes, so long as you can imagine it so. A realm that exist between the realm of the living and the spirit realm. Fortunately for you, you can mentally visit this realm today!

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