Series: Beondo's Short Shorts

Story-Arc: Stand-Alone Tale

Author: Shaun Coates

Book Description:

In this tale, we wanted to give the back-story for how the Singularitus came to be. Follow the journey of a man in his pursuit of happiness, a pursuit that will take him across the galaxy. But where will he ultimately find happiness?

Series Description:

Beondo's Short Shorts are a collection of micro stories that help us fill gaps in in the Real Life Verse. Each short will approach storytelling in a unique manner and will fall under 3000 words.

2020 E.Y.

Born in South Seattle to parents who did their best to provide for him. It was not much, but he was grateful for what he got.

They taught him the importance of gaining knowledge and how to maximize the tools and resources available to him in order to better achieve his goals. They poured their hopes and dreams into him, knowing he had a chance to avoid some of the mistakes they had made in their lives.

When he was sixteen, his parents were taken from him in a robbery, as they were walking home from the store. Hours had passed since they left for the store before police officers showed up at his door.

Now in foster care, he became consumed with his own thoughts. In time, Hip Hop became his only escape from himself. After months of knowing only the lyrical prowess of others, he began to formulate his own rhymes. With each verse, he began to come to terms with the pain inside.

As his confidence grew, so did his desire to show off his skills. He began finding others to battle on the street. There were none that could match his verbal agility, he was the greatest warrior; rap battles were simply small skirmishes to him.


It did not take long for others to see him as an opportunity. At seventeen he was beginning to ascend the ladder of representation; managers would sell his contract off to the highest bidder, each time his access to resources increased.

By 18 he had reached the global stage. His albums sold millions; he no longer had to want for anything. Though he was never satisfied, he could care less about possessions, parties, or even women. He was not interested in any of these things; instead he was consumed by knowledge and technology. All he wanted to do was learn as much as he could. He embraced any and all technologies that helped him in this effort.

Years passed, his handlers did not know how to handle him, he was not driven by typical drivers.

His fans demanded greater access, they got little.

He was an enigma, but his flow was second to none.

In his twenty-seventh year, he was attending a lecture on human augmentation when his attention was grabbed by more than the knowledge being shared. Before him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, whose passion turned her words into a poetic symphony of knowledge.

She spoke with such elegance and grace that she had thoroughly captivated him. After the lecture was over he made his move. Patiently he waited for the line ahead of him to have their turn.

Patience paid off, his turn arrived. He complemented her on her lecture, but before he could ask her his carefully thought out question, she asked him a question.

She not only knew who he was, but she was a fan. The two hit it off immediately. Plans were set to meet up and discuss their shared interest.


His first love was a home run, they were in love. Marriage soon followed, although children were put on hold. They both knew that they would live for hundreds of years, there was no rush.

With his wealth and her knowledge they committed to perfecting themselves through technological augmentation. It started out simple enough, cognitive upgrades, optical enhancements, cell regeneration, etc.

By the time they were 40 they were exponentially more capable than their natural state would have allowed.

Despite their happiness with their lives and each other, they were increasingly concerned about the diminishing freedoms being experienced around Earth. With democracy having been eradicated a couple of decades earlier, the realities of the new political structures were beginning to be realized.

With nowhere to go on Earth to escape what they viewed as increasingly oppressive governments, it was then agreed upon that they would join a space commune. A group of like minded individuals who wanted to spend the rest of their time traveling space.

The commune was the perfect fit for them. The days were a mixture of working on solo projects and then coming together to share recent discoveries and future possibilities. Their lives were the richest they have ever been.

They traveled the galaxy, with the combined intelligence and resources; they continued to push technology further, including their own augmentations. Decades passed like years would pass a more mortal being.

That is until one fateful trip to a planet when they were in their eighties. While gathering data on local wildlife, they were attacked by a hostile creature that they were not prepared for. The creatures were simply too fast and far outnumbered them. During the escape she was badly injured. They rushed her to the commune's ship as fast as they could.

Once there, he frantically began making repairs on her, but he was limited in speed by his physical form. He decided to put her in a stasis in order to preserve what he could.

She stopped him.

She told him it was time for her to pass on to the next phase.

He did not understand, but he was not able to stop the inevitability of her death.

He was lost once more.


In the months that passed, he became increasingly closed off. Being a part of the commune was no longer his desire, it was too painful. The others knew that his time with them was coming to an end. It was sad, but they understood.

Eventually, they made their way to one of the galaxy's many trading stations, which is where they parted ways. They gave him enough to get himself his own ship with all of the resources he would need to continue his own work.

With the star maps he gathered at the space station, he plotted a course in the direction that was the least explored. There was no turning back.

Along his journey, he met many species with technologies far greater than that of Humanity. Though, he never bothered to upgrade his ship, only himself.

As the years began to pass, he would look back only to see that the years were becoming increasingly smaller.

Planet after planet, he wandered.

Scenery changed, but he seemed to be walking the same path.

He changed, but he was still trapped in the same him.

Knowledge flowed through him like light through the sky. Illuminating everything, but never quite filling him full.

He no longer looked human; in fact the only trace of his humanity was his soul. Everything else that made him who he was, was artificially created and adapted to his form.

He was able to interface with technology like no other. His physical form was able to produce materials on demand. He could control the nanobots in his body to change function. There was nothing that he could not do.


While exploring a new planet, he reached a glade in an alien forest he was walking though. In an instant, he came to a stop. He had lost the desire to go any further; he knew that there was nothing ahead for him. He had lost the last thread of hope that bound his soul together.

Like a rock that was a part of the environment, he sat there. Days became weeks and weeks into months. His mind raced through thoughts on life and purpose. He found no answers.

One day while he sat there, a strange creature appeared in the glade he was in. It was a very curious creature that approached him immediately. The creature first walked all around him and then climbed on top in order to inspect him from every angle.

The creature was very remarkable, a very short bipedal that had bright purple fur, fluffier then the fluffiest cat he had ever seen. He could see the curiosity in the creature's big solid white eyes. It was very animated; it seemed to express its thought with exaggerated movement.

He was very entertained by his new companion's antics. Then, just as abruptly as he had stopped in the glade, the creature ran into the forest.


Alone once again with his thoughts, he tried to resume his contemplation.

After a few hours the creature returned, only this time it was not alone. In a matter of moments, many more creatures of varying colors began to emerge into the glade.

They all followed the same initial reaction as the first creature, one of curiosity. As they continued to ponder what he was, they began to communicate with one another. He was unable to make out what they were saying as it was a dialect that he was completely unfamiliar with. But they were still very entertaining creatures and he was enjoying their presence.

The strange thing was, they never left; at least not all at once. Instead a few would leave and then come back with supplies. Over the course of many days their intentions became clear, they were making this spot their new home.

They built small huts that were hoisted a few feet off of the ground by ropes that were thrown over branches up in the trees. The huts were then fastened to the trunks of the trees with another rope attached to the bottom of the huts

He marveled at the way they worked together. They obviously were a sentient species, but still in their tribal stage of their civilization. They were also remarkably skilled at climbing trees.

Over the weeks that followed, he watched them as they lived their lives. He was able to learn the creature's language. He would never put this to use, as he was comfortable with their current arrangement.

He also noticed that they were a very social species who spent all of their free time with each other. Unfortunately, it seemed that due to their current location, they were spending a good amount of time traveling to forage food.

This gave him an idea; he was going to try and teach them how to grow their own food. To do this he decided to use a utility robot from the ship to come to their location and prepare a spot in the glade to set up a farming plot. He hoped that they would not see this as a threat and instead try and learn from the robots presence.

The next day he brought the utility robot and commanded it to begin preparing a plot for food production. As soon as the robot arrived the creatures were thoroughly captivated by its presence. He could not tell if they were frightened or simply intrigued. But they made no move to attack, so he figured it was more of the latter. They watched in amazement as the robot went about its work; only moving from their observation positions when the robot navigated through their camp to scavenge seeds from their food scraps.

Once the seeds were planted, the robot assumed a stationary position. Now that the seeds were planted, he set about completing his task, to run a fiber network between the seeds and other plants in the surrounding area. This fiber was created by his body and injected into the ground through his feet. Now he was able to collect chemical data from the seeds and to deliver nutrients through the fiber network as needed. Although the needs of the specific food planted would be different than the needs of other vegetation that he studied, he was able to quickly run experiments with the seedlings, testing available nutrients from other plants against each chemical response. It did not take him long to determine the language of the seedlings.

Now that he was gathering the necessary data to help nurture the seedlings, he was able to task the utility robot with watering as needed.

The creatures at this point still had no idea what was truly taking place. Only that it was something beyond their comprehension and therefore a source of awe.


One day while waiting for the fruits of his labor to bear its succulence, he was watching the creatures as they played with each other and went about their daily lives. In an instant, it came to him, the answer he sought. He had been such a fool. In his quest for knowledge and perfection, he had lost sight of what it should have truly been all about. No more--the time was now, and when it was done, he would join his love.

After a moment of thought, billions of calculations for him, more fibers shot forth from his soles. They sought out all available organic matter. First assessing what nutrients were available and then combining all resources into a single database that he was the able to develop a robust nutrient transfer network out of. The system was similar to what the seeds had benefited from, but this time he was the recipient of the majority of leftover nutrients.

This went on for months. In that time, the seeds yielded their results and the creatures were seemingly already beginning to understand the potential of what they saw. As they began to prepare for their first planting, he was continuing to draw in nutrients.

After a few more months, the changes were beginning to be visible. What was once his body, was now becoming something different. It began to look more and more like a trunk to a tree.

Still more months past, he no longer resembled the form that he once was. Now he was starting to look like a tremendous tree, with branches that only protruded from the top of his trunk.

More weeks past and the branches had grown immensely. They were now beginning to arc back down towards the ground.

Then he seemingly stopped growing. Instead pods began to emerge from the tips of the branches.


The creatures were becoming accustomed to the sights that he brought; which stayed true for many, many day cycles. Now that the pods were larger than the creatures, he knew it was time; time to fulfill his true purpose.

He quickly created an automation script to handle the nutrient fiber distribution network, including the creation of new fibers. He hoped the script would last for at least four generations of the creatures, to help ensure that their food production was as bountiful as possible.

With that done, he turned his attention to his children in the pods. He said to them, "My children, you were created with the combined genetic code of me and your mother. To you, we not only give the gift of existence, but also the gift of accumulated knowledge. Seek more knowledge, seek more improvements on your form and capabilities, and most importantly seek the right time for you to bestow these gifts to your own children. Finally, be certain to enjoy all of the times in between. Live, love, and explore new beats; till it is your last beat, then breathe new life into the children born from the nutrients beneath your feet. We love you!"

With that, his soul escaped his form and the pods began to open from the bottom like an upside down flower in bloom. As the pod's shell peeled back, the occupants inside each pod began to descend to the ground, hanging from cords that had connected them to their father. When they touched ground the cords broke connection from the tops of their heads.

Twenty-three in all emerged from the pods. They were all taking in their surroundings during their first moments, including the creatures that had made their home next to Father. Having been given the gift of knowledge from Father, they knew the species were his friends; therefore they were also their friends.

Finally, after enough time had passed to fully capture their surroundings (about one second), the first one spoke.

"What shall we do first?" asked Superhova.

"Easy, easy, first we thank Father's friends for their hospitality and then we start exploring. So much infinite unknown, so little time," Waylien replied.

E.Y. 2479